Friday, February 5, 2016

Surgery Day!

 This morning I woke up bright and early because I had to get 2 varicose veins removed in my leg (I know I'm old-ha ha!)

I have known for a while I've needed to get this done and I've been dreading it!  I can't workout for a week and my leg is all bandaged up and uncomfortable.

One of my best friends Lisa was my nurse today during my surgery and it was so nice to have her with me during my operation.
Here is a picture of Lisa, me, Rachael and Lisa's sister Debbie a few weeks ago when we were celebrating Lisa's birthday.   

I sent this picture to a few friends as a joke  in case I didn't make it out of surgery ;-)

Lisa and the Doctor were so great during the procedure.  They made sure I was relaxed and comfortable and another nurse took pictures for me.  I am a freak-I wanted to know exactly what was happening and I wanted to see the veins they took out of my leg. 

Here are some pics during surgery. 

Here are my veins they took out.  A little gross but I wanted to see them.

After my surgery Graig was there and brought me home to rest.  

When I got home this sweet surprise was 
waiting for me on my counter from my friend Rachael.

I rested for a little bit and then my friend Heather picked me up for lunch she also took me to run a few errands which was so nice because I can't drive-ugghhh!!!

After Geather dropped me off I spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch relaxing and resting. 

Tonight I made us a chicken parm casserole that my friend Sabrina was sweet enough to put together for us.
The casserole was very similar to this deliciousness.

This weekend I'm supposed to rest and relax.  Sounds good to me!

Sweet surprises

ULast night when we were playing at the same bunco table my dear friends Stephanie, Rachael, Sabrina  gave me a pair of monogrammed earnings for my birthday.    These girls plus our BFF Melany got them way back in June when we went to Saratoga, NY for a girls weekend before Melany moved away.

Here's a couple of pictures of the 5 of us from that weekend.  We are all going to be reunited next month in Florida and I can't wait!

Here are the earrings they are perfect.  I love monograms and these are so cute.

Sabrina also made Jenni and I photo books to remember our birthday weekend.  This was a great surprise snd so thoughtful!   I loved looking at all the pictures.  It's a book I'll treasure forever!

Hope you had a great Thursday!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


 Rachael and I decided to organize a monthly bunco night for our gal pals. It's on my 40x41 list so I can check this off the list!  We are going to start playing monthly.    Our first Bunco night was tonight! We took a selfie before we started.

Bunco is fun, easy  game and everyone rotates tables so you get to talk with everyone at the party. We all had a great time!!

Rachael and I made a few delicious snacks for our party guests.  Feta dip, homemade hummus and pita chips, veggies and dip and mini cheesecakes.

Here are some pictures of our drinks.

I also made sugar cookies as party favors.  Which sadly I did not get a picture of :-(. I really want to learn how to make good sugar cookies so I'm going start making them more.  

To make it fun everyone paid $5 and the winner took the pot. I put it on a chalkboard to keep us organized. 

Tomorrow Ava has her last basketball game of the season.  She's had a great time playing this year and she loves her team so much.  They had a team dinner last night at our neighbor's house which was so fun for the girls. 

I hope you had a great Wednesday!  Two days til the weekend-yay!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I got a big surprise yesterday morning when three friends "kidnapped" me for a day of birthday fun.

My neighbor Heidi texted me and wanted me to come over to help plan a party.  I went over and we sat at her kitchen table and she asked if I could help get decorations out of her van.  I  went outside and two other friends Heidi and Petrea  were waiting in the van for us!

I ran home and changed and put on some makeup and off we all went.  They wouldn't tell me where we were going it was a surprise!  

These two sweet girls were our drivers. 

We ended up in a beautiful spa in Saratoga.  

We changed into robes and spent the afternoon being pampered with a facial and a massage.  It was heavenly!!! 

Here are the four of us.  I love these ladies so much and was SO surprised.  It was a great birthday treat.  We had dinner and then headed home.  

It was a fabulous day!

Throwback Tuesday

This week for Throwback Tuesday I went back to April 2015.  April is a quiet month for us basketball is over and baseball doesn't start until the end of the month.

Ava got a basketball award at the Boys and Girls Club.  The award is for excellence in basketball, sportsmanship and dedication to the game.  Brock won it a few years ago and we were thrilled when Ava won it too!  

Lilly came to Target for one day!!  Of course we had to go early and shop, shop, shop. 

I tools cooking class in Albany with my friend Jenn and her daughter.  We learned how to make homemade pasta.  I still haven't made this at home-ha ha!

I also went to a spring open house at a greenhouse.  I took this pic of my friend Rachael's two boys and the greenhouse liked it so much they put it on their website :-)

That was April for us.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend fun!

Yesterday I met my friend Jenn for coffee at Panera. We had tons to catch up on... Jenn just became a grandmother!!! Her daughter Ashley had a baby girl Claire.  Jenn and I love to talk about cooking and gardening. it was great to catch up with her!

She brought me this book for my birthday.  It's all about party planning.  She knows me so well!

Last night for dinner I met some other Y instructors.  We try to get together once a month to talk and catch up.  We had the best time and we got kicked out at closing time-ha ha! 

This week has been the busiest week at work. I coordinated fraternity and sororities recruitment.  We had 200 students rush this semester.  

Here are the students hard at work in my office.

Today was Bid Day!!!

It was a great day and everyone was so excited to see what chapter they were chosen to be in.

These are the three students that worked so hard this week to make sure everything ran smoothly.  They did a fabulous job!

Avas friend Mary was our photographer for Bid Day.  Ava came to help her this afternoon.

Tonight Graig and I went out to dinner which was so relaxing and fun after a busy week.

I hope you're having a great weekend!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Crafty Thursday

This morning I got up early and ran in the freezing cold with Rachael.  We both wanted to bail on running because it was so cold but I'm glad we didn't!  I'm always so glad I ran  after it's over.

This morning before work I raced over to Rachael's to make wine charms as samples for our Feb. craft night.  

We cut wine corks and then stamped them using numbers and letters.  Our friend who makes jewelry bought us the hardware to screw into them so we will add those this weekend. 

Tonight I went to dinner to celebrate my friend Lisa's birthday!  I love her and I'm so glad we were able to go out and celebrate!